Update – CJRS – flexible furloughing introduced

18th June 2020

Further to the Whittles update (posted 6 June), the government has posted further clarifications of the flexible furloughing scheme. The  “no new furloughs” rule is confirmed but there is the exception of where an employee has returned from maternity or other family leave, e.g. shared parental leave. The number of employees an employer can claim for after 1 July cannot exceed the number in any previous claim and when claiming the CJRS grant for furloughed hours, employers will need to report and claim for a minimum period of a week. Guidance has also been clarified that although employees must agree to be furloughed, that agreement only needs to be confirmed in writing and employees do not need to provide a written response. However, in relation to agreeing to flexible furloughing, the guidance states that a “written agreement” confirming the new furlough arrangement is needed to confirm what hours and shifts they will be working when flexibly furloughed, to avoid the risk of confusion or potential disputes in the future.

For further current details of the scheme, read the Whittles summary sheet here.